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You walked away when I was young
« Gepost op: 04 februari 2018, 19:55:07 »
Deze is voor m'n vader, die ik al een hele tijd niet gezien of gesproken heb.

You walked away when I was young
Back then I didn't know the reason
Now I can't remember the day you left
A normal day in just another season

I shouldn't miss you 'cause you're gone
But sometimes I catch myself crying
You said you'd call, you said we'd talk
But every time you end up lying

'Cause you never call, we never talk
You were never here when I needed you most
It's hurting me inside
Because I tried to keep you close

I'm giving up on your love
It's not the end I was hoping for
But I've come to realise you'll never change
Maybe in the future I'll see your face once more

Forgive me for what I have done
Those are the words I'd like to hear
You left me alone in the dark
And it seems I can't have you near